Sofie’s Nutty Oatmeal Mandarin Muffins

Recognize this?  Tired of eating industrial bread and experiencing a lack of time during the “morning rush?” Then  you’ll love these gorgeous, almost glutenfree breakfast muffins! Your family will love them too!

 ingredients for aprox. 12 muffins

– 4 whole mandarins

– 50 grams of crushed nuts: walnuts, pecannuts, hazelnuts

– 1 tablespoon of Chia seeds 

– 140 grams of almond flour

140 grams of oatmeal (use a blender for flour texture)

– 50 grams of Tagatose or Stevia / or 100 grams of cane sugar

– 20 grams of maple sugar or syrup (I love mine sweet…)

– a dash of salt

10 grams of vanilla sugar 

2 eggs

2 tsps of baking powder 

– 70 grams of butter or veg. oil

preheat your oven (200°)

Put all the dry ingredients in a bowl, then start by boiling the wole mandarins in water during 5′. Mix them in the blender till you achieve a wonderful fluffy aromatic fluid. Add into the bowl and mix well. Put the rest of the wet ingredients in your blender until you get a creamy velvet liquid. Add to bowl and mix well.  Put the batter into large baking cups and put these into a preformed baking tray.

Bake for 25′, after 15′ turn heat down to 180′ and turn baking tray. Enjoy!!!






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